This doctor is the best in his field. Our whole family has been taken care of him and we are incredibly lucky he practices in OC. I went to him many years ago as my second opinion because of chronic foot pain because this other doctor said my foot had a hairline fracture! Dr K took an xray and one look at my foot and said it wasn’t broken and that I needed better supporting shoes. He was right and I’ve never had this problem again. Recently my hubby had an achilles tendon issue that was not resolving and causing him to limp in pain. Dr K performed a surgical procedure and my hubby is perfect again. Thank you Dr K and staff for the great care!


Here are the short and sweet positive on Dr. Gennady Kolodenker: A nice doctor with good bedside manner and he take his time to discuss his finding with patient. I appreciate his through examination on my son foot-Dr. Gennady really cares.


Such a nice Dr. With a fantastic bedside manor. My wife had broken her toe and was told by the radiologist she would need surgery and pins to correct the issue. After talking with my wife about her pain level and studying her x- rays he determined it would heal naturally with no problems and she just needed buddy tape. What a relief!! This doctor was knowledgeable, friendly, and made sure we knew all the options available to us. Will definitely go back to him and refer him to anyone with podiatric needs.


I do not live in the area where Dr. K is but I called to get some information regarding my condition to see if he can help me before coming up to see him. His receptionist was awesome and he himself called me back to see if he can help me before making an appt. His bed side manners A+++. We need more Doctors like him. I look forward to meeting with him in person. Thank you.


Dr. Kolodenker is hands down THE. BEST. I tend to be a person who questions doctors relentlessly because at the end of the day, who’s going to care about my body more than me? Dr. Kolodenker is a doctor that I absolutely trust with everything he says. If he could be my doctor for everything, that would be amazing. I met Dr. Kolodenker a little over a year ago after breaking my ankle in a razor scooter incident (seriously, don’t buy one of these..it’s an accident waiting to happen). I had to have a plate and six screws placed to repair my dislocation as well as the shattered fibula. I called on a Sunday. Within a couple hours of me leaving a message, he reviewed my xrays and gave me a rundown of what I needed. (What doctors do that nowadays?!) Before and after the surgery he listened to all of my questions, answered them thoroughly, and during my recovery took all of my worries seriously and never once made me feel like I was overreacting.

In addition to the great bedside manner (super calm and puts you at ease), he highly recommends physical therapy which is HUGE. Many doctors don’t push their patients to understand how important it is in your recovery. On top of that, I actually got compliments from the physical therapists office on how great the incisions were and the lack of scar tissue from the surgery. I was also never casted. Casts seem to be kind of an old school method that has since been shown not to be as effective in some cases. In others, you have no choice. But it’s good to have a doctor that stays on top of what’s best in the field and is able to judge the situations that it should be applied. He also urged me and directed me how to start moving my ankle as soon as he determined it was ok..I was so nervous..it hurt..but I trusted him and it has absolutely paid off.

Overall, he has been understanding of my lifestyle and needs. I like to workout, mainly lifting weights, and I am also not good at not being able to get around or being limited physically. He let me work at my own pace in recovering as much as the healing process would allow. I don't think I would've recovered as well mentally or physically during the process if it wasn't for having such a great doctor and surgeon for my injury.

If you're undecided on someone to use..use him!! Seriously, I've seen other ortho specialists for other things, you won't find any better, by far. All of his staff are great, always smiling (you can tell they enjoy working for him, which says a lot), never had issues with billing, appointments, or wait times. This review is long already..I literally can't say enough good things about Dr. Kolodenker.

Thanks Dr. K, I hope this doesn't make it awkward when I'm back in for check-ups :)


I was concerned about pain in my ankle that was preventing me from running and exercising as usual. Dr. Kolodenker immediately identified the tendon that was causing me pain, recommended exercises I could do at home to strengthen it, and even recommended specific arch supports I could try. He also gave me an X-Ray to make sure that everything was normal.

Even though my issue was small, Dr. Kolodenker was very attentive and took my concerns seriously. I appreciate that he didn't jump to extreme diagnoses or suggest surgery. Thanks to his insight, I now feel much better about my situation and understand how to proceed.

Another note: the office is very nice! It's located in the Hoag building, where plenty of parking is available. The waiting room is very modern and open-concept, making for a luxurious and pleasant experience for anyone who has to wait. The front desk staff was also very accommodating, even when I was running late for my appointment. Would definitely recommend!


I had some plantar warts on the bottom of my feet that I’ve had for a looooong time. I just wanted to be rid of them. Dr. K. gave me a number of options and I ended up choosing the one that was the best option for me. It worked! I just wanted to dance out of the office when he said they were gone! I should have done this a long time ago!

I also like the fact he is honest and upfront about what it will take to correct anything on your feet. He gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision and he doesn't push you into surgery that you may not need.

His front office staff is super friendly and efficient. I have never had any problems with billing or my appointments. They are all a definite plus to the practice.


Dr. Kolodenker is the best podiatrist in Orange County! He listens, he’s caring and he’s well trained.

My daughter played water polo in high school and was diagnosed with an Achilles tendon injury by an HMO. She suffered for 18 months of not being able to play water polo, walk or drive without wearing a boot. After one appointment with Dr. Kolodenker he was able to diagnose her medical issue (which was NOT an Achilles' tendon problem) and perform outpatient surgery to fix the problem.

Dr. Kolodenker changed her life!! She was walking the same day after surgery and able to play water polo within 1 month. Our family highly recommends Dr. Kolodenker to anyone suffering with foot and ankle problems.


I am so glad I found Dr. Kolodenker! He genuinely listened to my concerns and took the time to make sure that I understood my diagnosis, treatment plan, etc. I went in for toe numbness after wearing the wrong shoes for my feet shape, and not only did he provide me with prevention/treatment advice for that, but also took note of my low back pain (that I charted as one of my chronic side symptoms) and gave me possible solutions for this as well! He goes above and beyond! His staff are nice and welcoming too. Thank you Doctor! Definitely recommend.


My wife had some issues with her toe nails due to her recent pregnancy so she was in need of a podiatrist to get it fixed. We found Dr. Kolodenker on Yelp and I’m glad we did. Dr. Kolodenker was professional and friendly, and got her nails fixed in a short 15 minutes procedure. We had some hiccups and misunderstanding when it came to billing, but I’m glad the office finally resolved it with minimal hassle. I would recommend this doctors to others.


I originally found Dr. Kolodenker from Yelp and I’m really happy I did. I was originally seeing a different podiatrist before I came across Dr. K but I wasn’t happy with my prior doctor. At my first appointment with Dr. K I knew he was the doctor to perform surgery on my foot. He’s seriously awesome! He removed a decent size ganglion cyst and months later it looks and feels great! I highly recommend him and his staff.


i first visited dr kolodenker 2 years ago for an ingrown toenail and left with a fixed nail plus the tools and knowledge necessary to take better care of my toes. fast forward and i went in for another ingrown toenail issue that led to an infection. again, the doc fixes me up and also gives me some good stretch recommendations for the plantar fasciitis i’m dealing with. the next morning he personally calls me to follow up and see how i’m doing. how amazing is that? i give the doc full marks and highly recommend him! great personality and office staff are pleasant and on their game as well. thank you!

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