Foot and Ankle Skin Grafting Surgeon in Orange County

Skin grafting explaned by Dr. Kolodenker, Skin Graft Surgeon in Irvine and Huntington Beach – Orange County – Southern California

Skin grafts are used to cover a wound and help prevent more proximal amputations. The graft can be harvested from various sites.

I most commonly use the calf or the thigh for the surgical donor site.

Grafts that are taken from the patient have the best chance of incorporating.

The chance of rejection is low.

There are also synthetic grafts that can be placed on a wound. These grafts are safe and spare the patient from a harvest site procedure, but have a higher rate of failure and rejection.

I can usually tell within 3-5 days after skin graft surgery if the graft has taken.

After placing the skin graft, I will apply a wound vac for 3-5 days.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Kolodenker for a surgical skin graft consult in Orange County.

Foot Gangrene Foot Gangrene
Foot Gangrene Foot Gangrene
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After amputation surgery After amputation surgery
Skin Mesher Skin Mesher
3 days after the skin graft 3 days after the skin graft


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