Learn how to pick the best kids insole for your child.

With so many pediatric inserts on the market, finding the right one for your child can be difficult.

You will see my guide here on how to pick the correct kids insole to get the best results.

Does my child need insoles?

Just because your child has flat feet, does not mean that a pediatric orthotic is needed.

An orthotic and insert are the same thing. A Podiatrist can make a custom kids insert if needed.

We make custom insoles for adults and kids, but I usually suggest trying one of these over the counter brands before getting a custom pediatric insert.

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If you need a custom kids insert made, please contact Dr. Kolodenker in Irvine, CA – Orange County

My child has flat feet, will an insert help?

Kids inserts are not designed to “correct” a flat foot. They will help align the foot while the insole is worn, but the foot will go back to its natural position when the insert is out.

Can it hurt to wear a Pediatric Insert?

If your child has no symptoms, then you can be damaging the natural development of muscle strength by adding a pediatric insert.

The arch will start to rely on the support from the orthotic and the muscles will not naturally strengthen.

By using an insert when it is not needed, you will likely be left relying on the insert for many years, keeping the arch muscles weak.

What symptoms are appropriate to use an insole with?

  • Foot Pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Foot Fatigue
  • Ankle Fatigue
  • Posterior Tibial Tendinitis
  • Plantar Fasaciitis
  • Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
  • Sever’s Disease
  • Calcaneal Apophysitis
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Arthritis
  • Coalition
  • History of pain, a source of prevention of future injury

How often should the insert be worn?

The answer depends on when it hurts.

If your child has pain only during the sports activity, then only wear the insole during that time.

If the child has pain all the time, then the insole is worn all the time.

What are the types of Kids Inserts available?

Full length or 3/4 length




UCBL – usually custom made

No arch support, just soft cover

How do I choose the correct Pediatric Insert?

It all depends on the level of support needed.

If the foot is really flat, then maximum rigidity in the device is important.

Sometimes adding too high of an arch can actually hurt the foot.

Not all kids will tolerate the extra arch support.

If the arch support is uncomfortable, going down in level of arch height is suggested.

A rigid device can be used during times of high demand, like running.

A softer device can be used during the day with normal activities.

If a soft device does not relieve symptoms, then trying a more rigid device is advised.

In the end, it’s a bit of a trial and error, so don’t stress out.

When should I wear an Insert?

A Kids Insert should be worn during activities that would normally cause pain.

Initially, it should be worn all the time for the pain to go away faster.

Once the pain is controlled, it is best to wear the insert only during times that would have caused the pain. These are things like running, prolonged standing, jumping, long walks, hiking…

What is the difference between an insert and an orthotic?

There is no difference. They are the same thing.

An orthotic will usually be custom made.

There are custom inserts and custom orthotics. Those are exactly the same thing.

Do insoles really work?


By preventing over pronation, the tendons, muscles and ligaments are not over strained. Joints are not pinched. This causes significant relief in symptoms.

Most suggested options of Kids Inserts?

Arch Angel Kids Insert Arch Angel Kids Insert
  • The height of the arch in Arch Angels increases with each size, providing natural support for your child’s growing needs
  • Shock absorbing foam outer layer for soft comfort to assist in shock absorption during extended times of running and playing
  • Inner arch support layer for gradual, flexible support & rear-foot Heel Post to assist in motion control & stabilization of the child’s foot into the neutral position during the gait cycle of walking and running
  • Made with durable, non-toxic, latex-free materials in the U.S.A.
  • Ideal for everyday athletic, casual, & dress shoes for school, playtime, and sports covering toddlers, children, and youth shoe sizing for boys & girls
  • Click here to Buy on Amazon
Power Step Insole Power Step Insole
  • Fabric With Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Synthetic sole
  • BUILT-IN ARCH SUPPORT: Semi-rigid foot arch support and heel cradle offer increased support and stability in your little ones shoes. Great for running, walking or standing.
  • TECHNOLOGY FOR COMFORT: Insoles are made with dual layer cushioning with durable EVA foam base. They reduce both heat and friction and utilize antimicrobial properties.
  • INSOLES FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS AND FLAT FEET: The orthotics have a firm but flexible support shell, built-in foot support, heel cradle for motion control and plush cushioning, perfect for most common foot problems. The 3/4 length insole leaves extra room at the toes for growing feet and makes moving from shoe to shoe easy.
  • SIZING: Available in Toddler sizes 8.5-13 and Youth sizes 1-6.
  • Click here to Buy on Amazon
FooMinders FooMinders
  • Relief for Foot Pain in Children Ages – Flat feet/low arches can cause severe pain and discomfort
  • Firm, cushioned arch support – Flat feet may result in long-term lower body conditions if not corrected in time
  • Designed for all types of children’s shoes, including school shoes, sports shoes and dress shoes
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – 10% OFF all orders totaling $45 or more in assorted Footminders products
  • Click here to Buy on Amazon
Bacophy Arch Support Bacophy Arch Support
  • ORTHOTIC ARCH SUPPORT:3 cm firm foot arch support relieves foot fatigue or pain which caused by prolonged standing or walking, corrects abnormal walking patterns, relieves metatarsalgia, patellofemoral syndrome, and helps low back pain. In a word, these ideal orthopedic insoles provide a convenient and extremely soothing solution for kids with flat feet, over pronation, high arch, low arch, common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis.
  • DEEP HEEL CUP: Bacophy kids arch support insoles are designed with structured deep U-shaped heel cup. It helps to evenly distribute kids’ feet pressure and realign their skeletal system to protect their heel during severe impact of landing. In other words, it can lend extra support and stability while walking or running, and prevents sliding and friction during high impact and long distances activities.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: According to the foot structure of kids, Bacophy insoles are meticulously designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort, provide better cushioning and long-lasting support for every step. Besides, designers specially add a layer of velvet fabric layer to make the feet cool by sucking up all the sweat and moisture. Keep your kids’ feet comfortable and dry even in hot weather.
  • NATURAL SHOCK ABSORPTION: The insole is made of superior EVA material and breathable fabric, soft in texture, strong in wearable and shock absorption, which designed to effectively treat and prevent common sports injuries such as achilles tendonitis, shin splints and knee pain.
  • FIT FOR MOST FOOTWEAR: Bacophy kids arch support insoles perfect for many types of shoes, whether casual shoes, sneakers, boots or street shoes. This little insole is designed to maximize comfort with almost no extra weight in their shoe. Wearing this insole also helps your children maintain proper arch support while they playing.
  • Click here to Buy on Amazon
KidSole KidSole
  • Introducing the Starry Shield Arch Support Insole by Kidsole. Crafted from high quality memory foam to ensure maximum comfort and arch support.
  • The best Kid’s insole ever made comes with a sweat absorbing memory foam top cushion and heavy duty reinforced arch support that works great in sneakers, cleats, boots and dress shoes.
  • Our Memory Foam insoles are all designed with a contoured heel cup, reinforced arch support and a sweat absorbing top surface material for growing feet.
  • Our insoles all come with custom guided cutting lines to help create the perfect fit for a vide variety of kid’s shoe sizes.
  • Click here to buy on Amazon
Red KidSole Red KidSole
  • The Red Rocket Orthotic features incredibly advanced arch support technology along with 3 KEY ANTI-SLIP grip pads located on the bottom of the insole.
  • The Red Rocket Orthotic is exclusively designed for active children who need extra arch support.
  • Click here to Buy on Amazon
Spenco Insert Spenco Insert
  • Memory foam adjusts for customized cushioning for the entire foot
  • Molded polyurethane base absorbs shock and supports the arch and heel
  • 4-way stretch fabric with silpure antimicrobial helps prevent blisters while controlling odor
  • Spencore material provides the ultimate in long lasting cushioning through spring-like shock absorption
  • Additional heel strike provides maximum cushioning at heel strike
  • Click here to Buy on Amazon
Silly Feet Insole Silly Feet Insole
  • REPLACES WORN OUT INSOLES: Swap out old or ill-fitting kids insoles for these fun and comfortable shoe cushion inserts. These shoe insoles for kids are ideal to replace damaged or smelly shoe inserts to extend the useful life of your kids’ shoes. Don’t replace, repair for a fraction of the cost! These shoe insoles for kids also works great to replace insoles for boots , as skate liners , a sneaker insert , and as shoe inserts for too big shoes and replacement insoles for sports shoes.
  • MAKES SHOES MORE COMFORTABLE & FIT BETTER: These foam shoe inserts are perfect for shoes too big for your kids feet. These cushioned shoe inserts for kids shoes are ideal to make shoes that are a bit too roomy fit better and more comfy. These shoe insoles are specially designed to fit shoes for kids. These colorful shoe pads also work great as a replacement footbed , kids insoles for shoes , shoe pads for shoes too big , boot insoles and shoe inserts for kids. Happy feet makes for happy kids!
  • CAN BE TRIMMED FOR A CUSTOM FIT: No guessing required! These childrens shoe inserts are easy to size. Simply follow the guides printed on the child shoe inserts. These kids shoe inserts cut to size between 3, 2, 1, 12, 10, 8. They come in a colorful, fun, funky emoji pattern that kids love. These kids insole replacement pads makes shoes more comfortable and putting on shoes fun! We stand behind the quality of our kids inserts for shoes.
  • PERFORATED FOR BREATHABLE CUSHIONING: These pillowy kids insoles for shoes are perforated to allow for ventilation that keeps feet cool and comfortable. These kids shoe inserts also work great for athletic shoes, cleats, as hockey skate inserts , hockey skate footbeds and as cleat inserts for kids. These kids shoe insoles are the perfect solution for shoes are a little loose or have too little padding. Not just for shoes! Also works great as kids boots liner and replacement insoles for boots.
  • Click here to Buy on Amazon

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