How to pick the correct ankle brace

Easy to use Ankle Brace Easy to use Ankle Brace
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Learn how to pick the ankle brace

Ankle braces will speed up the recovery from an ankle sprain and injuries

I will go over the advantages and reasoning of choosing a correct ankle support brace

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Ankle braces are also worn to prevent ankle sprains

The best way to prevent an ankle sprain is to strengthen the ankle via physical therapy

Peroneal tendon strengthening is recommended

The strengthening is done using a Exercise Band

You will find ankle strengthening videos here

After an acute ankle injury, a rigid ankle brace is suggested.

A soft ankle brace, several weeks after injury is comfortable and gives you some feedback to help decrease ankle sprains and swelling.

Finding an ankle brace you can be active in and supportive to prevent a new ankle sprain is a great long term goal.

It is important to do the physical therapy part of treatment and not just rely on the brace for long term results.

Wearing a rigid ankle brace for more than a few months can actually cause ankle weakness.

Your body will rely on the ankle brace to prevent rolling and the muscles will weaken.

Soft ankle sleeve Soft ankle sleeve
Soft ankle support Soft ankle support
Soft ankle compression Soft ankle compression
Rigid ankle brace for acute injuries Rigid ankle brace for acute injuries
Rigid comfortable ankle brace Rigid comfortable ankle brace
Hybrid ankle support brace Hybrid ankle support brace
Theraband for strengthening Theraband for strengthening

REP Band Pre-Cut Exercise Pack

An Exercise Board is used to increase proprioception and balance, increases range-of-motion, strengthens the lower kinetic chain and is appropriate for use in therapy as well as active training.

Exercise Board to strengthen the ankle Exercise Board to strengthen the ankle

Ankle Exercise Board

Light weight ankle sleeves are used right after an injury to control edema. They are also good for the late stage in recovery.

The ankle brace gives your body feedback to pay closer attention to the ankle and decrease risk of injury.

Since they are soft, it is much easier to move around.

The sleeve is less bulky.

Tech Ware Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve Tech Ware Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve
  • COMPRESSION IN A THIN SLEEVE: Get Pain Relief From Arthritis, Sprains, Muscle Fatigue in a Slim Design That’s Easy To Use With Shoes But Not At the Expense of Less Compression.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY COMFORT: Unique Manufacturing Process Allows for Optimum Compression With Foot Mobility. Breathable Moisture Wicking Soft Fabric Contoured For Support and Stability. Improves Blood Circulation Helping With Edema Treatment, Bunion And Bursitis.
  • NO SLIP FIT FOR ANY ACTIVITY: Stay Comfortable in the Game All Day and Night. Baseball, Crossfit, Running, Basketball, Soccer, Walking, Hiking, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf, Kickboxing, Gymnastics, Exercise Workout, Martial Arts, Dance, Cycling or Any Athletic Fitness Sport.
Sleeve Stars Ankle Support Sleeve Stars Ankle Support
  • ✅ SPEED UP RECOVERY: Provides you with compression that helps improve blood circulation and eases pain from heel spurs, Achilles heel, Plantar Fasciitis, and other foot related discomfort!
  • ✅ WHEREVER YOU NEED IT: Whether you have a long day at work, are out for a run, or just want to keep the blood flowing while you sleep, our compression sleeve is comfortable enough to be worn anywhere, and won’t bulk your foot making it difficult to put on your favorite slippers or running shoes!
  • ✅ FREE COMPRESSION STRAP: The strap provides extra compression and support, which are both important for times when you are active and help you prevent new injuries. This BONUS strap also relieves the debilitating pain from plantar fasciitis or a sprained ankle
  • ✅ SUPER PREMIUM QUALITY: Our sleeves are made with the highest quality fabric that is quick at absorbing sweat and keeps your feet dry and odor free. The inner texture of the fabric gives you a smooth and soft touch feel
Ankle Compression Sleeve Ankle Compression Sleeve
  • Graduated compression from toes to calf assures increased venous activity.
  • Reduces swelling for faster healing and less pain.
  • Soft, lightweight spandex/nylon knit for comfort and patient compliance.
  • Fleshtone color for undetectable wear.
Elastic Bandage Elastic Bandage

Elastic Bandages

The next line of braces are known as the Rigid Stirrup Type.

These ankle braces will provide more support and a higher degree of inversion prevention.

They feel light and allow the ankle to bend up and down in a natural way.

Sometimes a half size larger shoe is needed.

These ankle braces provide ideal support during the healing process after an acute ankle sprain injury.

Aircast Aircast
  • Intended to prevent or treat acute ankle injuries, chronic instability, post-operative use and ankle sprains grade I, II, and III
  • Semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells are lined with patented Duplex air cells, which help stabilize and protect the ankle
  • Pre-inflated air cells provide pulsating compression while walking, enhance circulation and reduce swelling and edema
  • Resists inversion more than taping, yet normal flexion is virtually unrestricted
  • Universal fit allows the Aircast Air-Stirrup Universe Ankle Support Brace to be worn on either the left or right foot
  • Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace
    • T2 Rigid Ankle Braces offer an exceptional level of protection with a quick-fit single strap that is adjustable for both low-top and high-top shoes.
    • Fits left or right foot, and offers maximum performance and protection for sports like volleyball, basketball and football.
    • Sleek, less-bulky brace features feather-light, custom molded EVA padding, which hugs every contour of the ankle and is custom molded for fit and comfort.
    • Anatomical bilateral hinge allows full foot range of motion up and down, which makes it suitable for sprains and strains.
    • Take the time to review the sizing and fitting chart images and videos on this product page to ensure proper fit and performance.

    The last type of ankle brace is a Hybrid Type.

    The hybrid ankle braces typically consist of a strap and lace pattern.

    They wrap around the ankle giving more control and support than a plain elastic ankle brace.

    The sides are usually softer, allowing for increased comfort.

    These type of ankle braces are used for a patient who is a higher risk for inversion injury, but still participates in a high energy sport.

    Athletica Ankle Brace Athletica Ankle Brace


    • LIMIT LATERAL MOTION THANKS TO THE REINFORCED SIDE STABILIZERS which limit lateral motion that might increase ankle pain from plantar fasciitis; wear this reinforced brace it when you need to play or perform at your best.
    • LIFT AND SUPPORT YOUR ARCH – Strong ankle straps protect and comfort the Achilles tendon; wear this ankle compression sleeve inside an athletic shoe with a sock underneath for optimum performance.
    • EASILY CUSTOMIZE THE FIT WITH ADJUSTABLE CLOSURES – which quickly allow you to create a custom fit that provides personalized support enabling you to achieve maximum effectiveness in all your athletic activities; helps keep you in the game.
    ASO Ankle Stabilizer ASO Ankle Stabilizer


    • Cotton/Nylon
    • Stabilizing Straps form complete figure-eight to protect and support ankle
    • Ballistic nylon boot provides superior durability and strength
    • Elastic cuff closure enhances support and keeps laces and stabilizing straps secure
    • Bilateral design so each size will fit left or right foot; Low profile to fit in any type of shoe
    • Each ankle brace is sold separately.US manufacturing with higher quality control standards. Machine wash gentle cycle, no bleach. Air dry
    Trilok Ankle Brace Trilok Ankle Brace

    About the product

    • Lycra and Polyester
    • Size Chart Updated 9.6.17 for more accurate customer fitting.
    • INJURIES TREATED: Designed for the treatment of Ankle Sprains, Tendon Tears, Plantar Fasciitis and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD).
    • EXCELLENT ARCH SUPPORT: The FootLok strap gives arch support & lateral/medial unloading with structural support from the stabilizing stirrup strap.
    • NO LACES: The compressive base sleeve pulls on like a sock. Brace is thin and low-profile for added comfort.
    • DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: Made with high quality, extremely durable, comfortable, and hypoallergenic material for superior strength and versatility. Adjustable stirrup strap stays secure with medical-grade velcro.
    Zenith Ankle Brace Zenith Ankle Brace

    About the product

    • GOODBYE ANKLE PAIN, HELLO FREEDOM: Provides you with ankle support against sprains, strains and arthritic pain. Our braces are ideal for the healing and prevention of sporting injuries as well as unexpected acute injuries. The angular reinforcement straps and the lace-up front wrap around your ankle to stabilize tendons and joints.
    • A BRACE YOU CAN COUNT ON: Made from high quality neoprene and nylon in order to give you the best breathability and mobility. All seams are double stitched for durability so that this ankle support will last for years to come.
    • STAY ACTIVE AND MOBILE: This ankle brace is supportive without being too restrictive. It is great for any activity including: Running, Wrestling, Soccer, Crossfit, Hiking, Volleyball, Basketball, etc. Maintain your peak performance while ensuring your ankle is safe from injury. Unlike many ankle braces on Amazon, you are able to fully customize the amount of support you want. Using the lace-up front and angular straps, you can adjust the tightness of the ankle brace depending on your needs.
    • COMFORTABLE, TRUE FIT: Zenith Athletics’ ankle supports come in varying sizes, from S-L (see sizing chart for more details), in order to give you the best comfort and fit. Having the perfect form fitting support ensures that the brace functions correctly, keeps your ankles safe, and does not move or slide off your feet.

    All the above braces can be purchased online.

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