Charcot Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Specialist Surgeon in Orange County

A charcot foot or ankle deformity is most commonly seen in patients with diabetes.

The bones and ligaments weaken and can cause debilitating deformities of the lower extremity during an acute charcot event.

The deformities can lead to increased pressure on the sole of the foot if the arch collapses and eventually to ulcerations.

Patients with ulcerations are at increased risk of amputation or death.

Treatment of Charcot Foot and Ankle Deformity in Orange County – Southern California

It is very important to identify a charcot foot or ankle as the process is first occurring and contact a Charcot Foot Surgeon. Treatment will initially consist of minimal or protected weight bearing. Crutches, a walker or a wheel chair might be needed. Offloading the foot can be achieved by total contact casting or a walking boot, sometimes called CAM boot.

If a patient already has a stable charcot deformity, then the goal is to offload any pressure areas with custom orthotics, or a CROW Boot (Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker).

If a patient already has an ulceration, then the ulceration MUST be closed as quick as possible.

Get off your feet.

Walking boot for after surgery or a flare Walking boot for after surgery or a flare
Walk with no crutches Walk with no crutches
Knee Scooter Knee Scooter

Surgery for Charcot Foot or Ankle in Orange County

The main goal of the surgical procedure is to have a foot that is flat and an ankle that can bare weight without breaking down. The surgical procedure usually involves multiple internal and external hardware fixation mechanisms. The external hardware will come off in a few weeks.

I have had great success in dealing with Charcot Foot or Ankle Deformities.

We are experts on charcot foot and ankle reconstruction. Please contact us for a surgical reconstruction consult on your charcot foot/ankle in Orange County.

Charcot Foot Reconstructed in Orange CountyCharcot Foot Reconstructed in Orange County
Charcot ReconstructionCharcot Reconstruction
Charcot FootCharcot Foot
Charcot foot on X-rayCharcot foot on X-ray
X-ray of Charcot FootX-ray of Charcot Foot
External Fixator for Charcot FootExternal Fixator for Charcot Foot
Closed ulceration due to Charcot foot after surgeryClosed ulceration due to Charcot foot after surgery


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