• Strong Workout, Stronger Recovery!

    Source: ABC30

    The American Heart Association says that running is good for your heart. But for every 100 hours of running, the average runner will sustain at least one injury. But, there are things you can do after a run to cut the risk of a future injury.

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  • First Steps To Care For An Ankle injury


    By nature our feet and ankles are biomechanical wonders–miraculous in their strength, form and functionality. However, at the same time they are constantly susceptible to injury.

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  • Four weeks of riding an e-bike promotes fitness and health

    Source: Science Daily

    The role of the e-bike in promoting health and fitness is comparable to that of a conventional bicycle. This was reported by researchers of the University of Basel in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. In particular, overweight and untrained individuals can benefit from riding an e-bike.

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  • Overhydrating presents health hazards for young football players

    Source: News Desk

    With August soccer note fast drawing shut, every coach’s favorite cheer will seemingly be to “care for hydrated” and “defend urine obvious” for the length of the summer heat.

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  • Sole Care: How Runners Can Reduce Foot Injuries

    Source: Running Competitor

    Two days after the Cry Me a River! 50K race, Jessica Maveus, a prosecuting attorney in Illinois, hobbled around the office and courtroom in heels. Most days, Maveus’ work means she’s constantly on her feet, making trips to the courthouse from her office or standing in court.

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